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100% Natural Cat Litter that is Lightweight, Premium Clumping, Odor Controlling, Flushable and 99.9% Dust Free



Perfect Litter is natural and biodegradable and the healthy cat litter choice for your cat.

4lbs of Perfect Litter = 28 lbs of clay = 1 month supply for 1 cat



Perfect Litter is the only cat litter that allows you to visually monitor the health of your cat 24/7 and Provides Early Warning for FLUTD.



Perfect Litter's premium clumping action traps liquid on contact and destroys bacteria. It doesn't just masks odor.

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About us

Perfect Litter™ is the winner of four (4) prestigious awards for excellence and innovation. We develop, manufacture and distribute award winning cat litter from our facility in Dallas, Texas, to customers around the United States. Perfect Litter™ is 100% natural cat litter that is lightweight and provides off-the-chart odor control.

Customer Testimonial
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We Care 3056 lbs of Perfect Litter Donated

Perfect Litter is committed to helping homeless animals and as part of our pledge, we are pleased to announce our partnership with ​R-Pal (Rescued Pet Adoption League) of North Texas.

For Every Box of Perfect Litter You Try, We'll Donate One to R-Pal of North Texas.

What Our Customers Said

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Cherie Dimmerling

I love how light it is. My cats used it right from the start (they are usually very good about that).

9th November, 2015
best cat litter

I have to say this cat litter 100% natural and I really like the clumps that it leaves. I am thankful that...

1st November, 2015
natural cat litter
Shannon Corvette

My cats really loved this cat litter. It's so lightweight. I got it and was amazed that I was able to lift it with one hand.

1st November, 2015
kitty litter
Michelle Hansen

When I received this product my first thought was - it was very very light. My cat took to using it very well.

1st November, 2015
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Perfect Litter is the First 100% Natural, Ultra Lightweight and Superior Odor Control Cat Litter

Perfect Litter is environmentally friendly and all natural alternative to clay cat litter. It is 4 times more absorbent than clay and best in class for odor controlling.

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Perfect Litter Launches the 30 Day Free Trial for their Innovative Cat Litter

Perfect Litter is the first 100% Natural Cat Litter that is Ultra Light, Premium Clumping 99.9% Dust Free and Superior Odor Controlling.

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